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Adoption Is The Best Option

Adopting a pet enriches life. However, it also implies assuming the responsibility of taking care of the animal for many years, providing it with food, a safe place to live, veterinary care, and taking care of meeting its needs in terms of activity and care.

Adopt an Animal
All Lives Matter

Requirements To Adopt A Pet:

Adopting a Pet

Many animals need your help. Abandoned, injured, or abused pets are waiting for a foster home that loves them. If you promise to be a good owner and you are determined to adopt, you can consult the animal protection website and go to the shelters. Find out how the adoption policy of these associations works.


Become a volunteer for an animal protection association and participate in their solidarity project: directly assist animals, dissemination of information and development of events in defense of animals, monitoring of adoptions, etc.

Why Adopt Instead Of Buy?

You are saving a life and nurturing a loving bond

By adopting one, you are making room for others

The cost of their adoption helps shelters

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Benefits your health and its an act of love

What we do

Our Services


The collected friends, when we welcome them in our shelter, come castrated, vaccinated, and we give them a roof.

Dog And Cat Collection

We save our furry friends from the street or from the municipal kennels, or we welcome them when their owners cannot take charge.

Social Aid

We collaborate with social services. For example, young people with integration problems visit us, and we help them with animal therapy.

Awareness & Education

We carry out talks to children from 3 to 16 years old to educate them on animal respect, to become aware of the problems of abandoned and abused animals, and in the hope of creating a better world.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to find a new home for the animals we welcome. At the same time, we promote the values ​​of defense of animal rights, responsible ownership, and positive treatment for all of them through awareness campaigns and participation in events.

Get Involved

If you are interested in being a volunteer, sponsor, or partner, visit the sections. If you register as a member, you can contribute to the maintenance since we can continue to care for the animals that arrive daily at our refuge. The collaboration of the partners is essential for our protector and its main source of financing.

Upcoming Events

Sept 24 - Free Cat Vaccinations

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Sept 25 - Volunteer Orientation

10am – 12pm 


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Pet Adoption Notes


If you can’t adopt, another option to show your love for the animals in the shelter is to sponsor. We need your help to continue giving all the care they need to the dogs and cats that we collect from the street. Sponsoring helps our furry friends have a better life while waiting to find a home.


If you want to adopt a dog or cat and give it a home, visit us at our refuge. You will be able to see them before deciding and, most importantly, we will advise you on which is the most suitable for your characteristics and those of your family.

Doggy Dan, a Biased Review of the Renowned Online Dog Trainer

When you get your first dog, you might want to research the Doggy Dan Dog Online Training program. Dog training will make your pup a lot easier to live with as they won’t be making a mess around the house. This alone will already save you from the hassle of having extra chores that you’ll have to do regularly, as dogs don’t learn if you just try talking to them. Pooches are an entirely different breed of housemates, so to make living together smoother, dog training is a must. This article is a Doggy Dan Review with a hands on approach based on actual experience.

The great thing about training your dog is that there are lots of ways to go about it. Learning how to train them is a new great hobby and lots of first-time pet parents thoroughly enjoy the process. However, doing this can be a challenge because you’ll have to learn how to actually teach your pet a good deal of tricks by getting the hang of them yourself. Not everyone has the time for that, so hiring professionals can be an option as well.

Unfortunately, dog training classes can be out of a lot of people’s budgets. These things can be quite pricey and will also take up a good deal of your time as you’ll need to work on a schedule with a dog trainer as well. For many, it’s an option that may sound good on paper, but can be hard to pull off in person.

Doggy Dan Dog Online TrainingFret not, though, as you still have another option in how to train your dog. The Doggy Dan Dog Online Training is becoming all the rage nowadays as it’s a nice combination of DIY dog training and hiring a specialist to help you teach your dogs the basics of being a good dog. Of course, some online classes are better than others and having tried a few of them, I must admit that my preference is for one system in particular, one which I have talked about int this Doggy Dan Review.

What is the Doggy Dan Dog Online Training system?
If you’ve never heard of online dog training before, the first thing you need to know about this new technique in training dogs is that it’s considered as a very convenient method for a new puppy and pet owner to learn the ropes. Many pet parents are clueless where to start in teaching their pups the basics about obedience and housebreaking. Winging it and making mistakes can be a massive problem as correcting a trained behavior can be another hurdle in making your life easier with a pet around.

Doggy Dan Review
While having an expert can be a great thing, a lot of local dog trainers can be a hassle to hire. Aside from their prohibitive professional fees, they also tend to work on schedules that might not work for you. This can be a problem because even though you have the money, if you don’t have the time, things still won’t work out as you desire in this area. In this respect, the Doggy Dan Review will provide you with handy tool in the selection of a Dog Training program you can work with

With an online dog training program, however, you can enjoy the access to professional information without having to squeeze in time for a dog trainer in your busy schedule. You can easily learn everything you need to know to start teaching your pet the rights and wrongs when living with humans and make them a lot easier to be with in general without having to bother about someone else time frame. This will make the task of training your pet a lot easier, as you can do it on your own terms without having to worry about how your inexperience can impact the entire process.

By opting for the Doggy Dan Dog Online Training Program, you’ll be signing up for the service of a professional dog trainer without the hassle of having to actually meet up with them on a regular basis. Through videos, posts, exchanges with the trainer, and other kinds of content, you can learn new tricks in training your pet. Depending on the program you’ve signed up for, you can also get personalized consultations about specific concerns you have about your pet, so you can really get a good support system when it comes to facing the huge task of training your pooch.

This was a brief Doggy Dan Review, but stay tuned: In the next article, I’ll be talking about the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training system.

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training

Doggy Dan’s online dog training is one of the biggest names in the industry nowadays. It features some of the very best dog videos teaching you how to become an expert dog trainer yourself. In fact, it’s one of the first programs that will turn up if you do a quick search about online dog training services, proving that it’s one of the most popular options available in the market today.

Doggy DanThe Best Dog Videos or Dan Abdelnoor is a New Zealand-based professional dog trainer, animal rights activist, author, behaviorist, and TV personality. A highly-celebrated dog-expert in NZ, he took the time to compile all of the most basic and useful information about dog training in one comprehensive program that interested parties can access online.

Packed with some of the best dog videos you can find online, this is a system that will take you from novice to expert in less than three barks. The fact that his methods are even actively endorsed by the New Zealand’s Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) promises great things. For one, it’s a good sign that it’s effective and is a very humane method to try in teaching pooches the ropes in how to be an excellent domestic companion.

Being endorsed by an actual animal rights group really gives Doggy Dan the credibility it needs to establish itself as an excellent source of information regarding proper dog training. If the experts have found his methods suited to their standards, then you can be guaranteed that you’re putting your pooch’s wellness first when subscribing to this specialist’s methods.

How the Doggy Dan Service Works and Why He Has The Best Dog Videos
As online dog training can be an entirely different experience than having a local dog trainer come to your house to help you teach your pet the right behavioral skills they need, you might be wondering how the Doggy Dan program works in helping you transform your pup into a more suitable member of the modern society. It’s pretty simple, actually.

The program primarily makes use of the best dog videos to teach you the actual techniques you need to use to help your pet learn the ropes. It has more than 250 videos available for you to view and learn from with topics involving these common behavioral problems pooches exhibit:

1) Leash pulling
2) Jumping on owner and other people
3) Non-responsive to calls
4) Non-responsive to commands
5) Toilet training problems
6) Crying when left alone
7) Chewing habit
8) Digging habits
9) Stealing habits
10) Nipping and biting habits
11) Constant separation anxiety
12) Aggression towards other dogs (strangers and household members
13) Aggression towards humans (strangers and owners)
14) Aggression towards inanimate objects
15) Aggression towards other animals
16) Constant barking on several occasions
17) Hyperactivity
18) Excessive chewing or licking
19) Constant craving for attention
20) Tail chasing issues
21) Jumping on furniture
22) Unfounded fears towards objects, people, and other dogs
23) Running away habit
24) Uncontrollable fear of loud sounds (thunder, fireworks, etc)
25) “Submissive urination” problems
26) Unexplained and unique obsessions
27) Poop-eating habits (Coprophagia)
The wide range of topics in Doggy Dan’s video collection really goes into detail about lots of possible problems pet parents can face when raising a new pet. This alone makes it a wonderful resource for dog training as it can give you lots of insight and information when it comes to the most common problems faced by pet owners.

While other online dog training programs may also have information on the basics of how to potty train a puppy and teach them basic tricks that are very amusing, not all of them can lend a hand when it comes to resolving actual problems pet parents want to address in their pets. This can be a huge issue as people won’t feel like they’re getting the full value of their money if they don’t find easy answers to their woes. With Doggy Dan’s comprehensive video library, you might just find the best solution to your pet’s issues with a quick search.

The best part about the video library is that it involves actual, real life consultation samples from past clients. This means that a lot of the issues tackled in the best dog videos are from real problems experienced by actual pet owners. This makes the videos even more useful as there’s always a high chance that the bad behavior your pet is exhibiting could have been solved in someone else’s pet already. This practical example promises better results in handling your pet’s problems as the techniques are already proven to be very effective.

The fact that Doggy Dan makes use of videos to give useful dog training instructions instead of writing everything down in an e-book is a great plus as well. With a video, you can easily visualize what you need to do to appropriately correct problem behaviors and teach them new tricks. With these clips, you don’t have to guess how you should act or execute certain techniques to effectively help your pet to behave better.

Aside from instructional videos, there are also audio clips that you can download to help you learn a few tricks in training your pet. These can come in very handy if your schedule is always packed and you don’t always have time to watch videos. These audio clips will teach you valuable lessons while you’re on your commute to work or while you’re doing a menial task somewhere else.

By subscribing to the program, you also get access to a forum where you can virtually hang out with other subscribers and pet owners who are trying to do their best in training their pets like you. This is a loving community where you can share your experiences and ask questions about your pressing issues. Most of the time, Doggy Dan himself answers pressing queries about dog training, which is a great way to learn the most effective solutions to your woes. It’s basically a quick venue to reach out to the expert and other folks who are going through the same process as you so you don’t really just get to “hire” a professional in training your pet but you also get a nice support system that can really understand what you’re going through as a newbie pet parent.…

The Doggy Dan Online Training Philosophy – Become The Pack Leader

If you’ve read the previous article: Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training, you will have gathered some information on how the program works. You might now be wondering how exactly does Doggy Dan formulate his techniques in training pooches. Being a behaviorist, Doggy Dan’s program follows these basic ideas. one of which is the necessity to become the pack leader:

“Dog Whispering”: Wolf Pack Philosophy a.k.a. Dominance Training or Pack Training
The Doggy Dan Online Training Program makes use of the “Wolf Pack Philosophy” or “Dominance Training” in teaching your pet how to be a good dog. This works by teaching the pet owners to assert themselves as the pack leader. As dogs are basically just a different breed of wolves, they tend to have this urge to belong in a pack.

Becoming the Pack Leader
Because of this, you’ll have to position yourself as the “alpha” or pack leader so your pooch will follow your instructions without any problems. By achieving this, you’ll be able to easily help your pet learn the ropes how they need to behave to become a better part of the pack.

Pack LeaderAccording to the theory of pack training, you’ll need to make sure your pet understands that he or she is the lowest ranking member of the pack so they will be more receptive to training. If you fail to assert yourself as the pack leader, your pet will most likely take on the position and behavioral problems can ensue.

There are many cases where dogs took the liberty of becoming pack leaders in their homes and they become too stressed in caring for every member of the pack that they exhibit severe anxiety. There are also a good number of cases where dogs who have made themselves the alphas at home turned out to become unruly and very hard to live with, sometimes resorting to pet parents needing to re-home them because of their problematic personalities.

With Doggy Dan’s techniques, you’re guaranteed that you’ll be able to make your pet understand where they stand. This will help them live more happily, preventing a good amount of behavioral issues that will just be too much of a hassle for all parties involved.

Understanding Your Pooch: The Most Important Thing to Make the Doggy Dan Online Dog Training Program Work
Another key point why the Doggy Dan program works is the fact that it emphasizes the need for you to understand your dog. As this online training program makes sure that pet owners and their pooches are on the same page, you can be sure that you and your pet will have a better relationship that can really help the condition of your cohabitation.

Lots of Doggy Dan reviews note that this is the only online training program that takes time to teach pet owners to really look at their pets’ facial and body language. This lets you understand what your pet is thinking and feeling, allowing you to react accordingly and handle situations more effectively. As dogs also have minds and feelings of their own, it’s important to take these into consideration if you want to improve your relationship with your pooch. By understanding them, they get to feel like they matter and they can also get how you want them to respond to your instructions as well.

Does It Work? What People are Saying about the Program
If you’ve reached this part of this review, it’s highly likely that you’ve liked what you’ve read above and you just want a bit more coaxing about giving the Doggy Dan program a try. Learning about its effectivity can be the best way to make you a believer and even a subscriber. The amount of dog training tips available in the form of online videos, posts and articles is incredible. But does it work?

After going through lots of reviews, there’s no doubt that the Doggy Dan program is highly effective and useful for those who want to get their new pet housebroken and obedient. It can also be an excellent starter guide on how to become a dog trainer, making it a really great program to follow if you want to get started in dog training.

According to actual subscribers, the gentle method really works effectively for them. There are countless testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of the Doggy Dan methods in correcting unwanted behaviors in dogs, so you’re pretty much guaranteed that it has a high chance of working really well for you. Some call it a “major success”, “the best dog training solution in the world”, and highly beneficial for their living arrangements with new pets. While some may have reservations about the alpha training and the subscription fee, many don’t find these bothersome at all since the method really works well for them.

How Much Do You Have to Spend on the Doggy Dan Program?
Another important concern that you should know about the Doggy Dan program is its pricing. This online dog training service works as a subscription with a rate of $37 per month. You can cancel anytime, so if you think you’ve already learned everything you need from the program, you won’t have to keep paying the monthly fees.

The best part is you can try the program out for just a dollar for three days. This will give you a go at the program with no strings attached, letting you get a good feel whether it will be a good match for you and your pet. If you don’t think it will work for you, though, it has a money-back guarantee, so you really won’t be flushing hard-earned money down the drain with this program no matter what happens.…